Nigerian Embassy Shuts Door On Nigerians Attacked In South Africa!

The Nigerian Embassy in South Africa has shut its door to Nigerian victims of ongoing xenophobic attacks in the former apartheid colony, according to new reports by SR.

The latest attacks against nationals of other African countries domiciled in South Africa, which started on August 28, 2019, has spread to several parts of that country, raising fears of more violence in the coming days.

Speaking with Sahara Reporters on Monday, a handful of Nigerians in South Africa revealed how they now live in fear.

According to them, some victims of the attack, who visited the Nigerian Embassy for help and protection were denied entry into the place.

Former president of Nigerian Union South Africa, Iyke Anyene, told Sahara Reporters that Nigerians had remained in the houses, afraid for their lives and unsure if they would be the next victims.

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